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So, it gets twisted along the way as the other following generations try to imitate them and hence become twisted. The picture of the first gen Sun and Judge look suspiciously female…… maybe all of them are females? So the first Generation of Knight… is all…. That would be lying and the original Sun Knight must be the epitome of goodness! I think it might be the Hell Knight. Because the church could not reveal one of their knights was female, she probably had to stay in the shadows and rumors.

And I have the hunch that the picture we are seeing belongs to hell as well. I believe that hell being a girl makes more sense than Sun being a gril, and that Yu Wo is playing with her fans brains. So, new theory!

Female Warrior

If the original Sun was actually a guy, maybe he said he could only love the God of Light so he could secretly date Judgment and let his suitors down easily, haha. NeoWarrior That… makes sense in a weird way that twists your brain but sounds… plausible…. The one who can understand or can read taiwanese or live in this country sure is a very lucky. Thanks :D. Oh my gosh. Oh well. Also that would explain the whole mistery thing.

Maybe the hell knight had a secret selection process since the knight could be either genre, and then the brainwashing would go about how to pretend to be a male, instead of impossing random personality traits.

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And Red Cloak seams to be a female from the cover and a warrior from the cover and her way of speaking. Prologue Volume 2: The Number is Twelve. The dialogue implies that Silvester Uriah Nate the bard perhaps? Red Cloak might not be Judgement but the story probably centers around her.

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Mawy That…. Makes so much sense…. Even his head of golden hair bounced rhythmically like dancing musical notes. He looked… extremely annoying! I hypothisize that Yu Wo worked out Female Warrior well in advance and these were hints about the original! Jasae Bushae O. She is amazing…. But wait a minute…female?

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  • The girl is Hell. The bard is Sun this is almost universally agreed.

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    Sun, the Bard, is acting as the official head due to whatever reason. The girl is Hell, and they likely have some relationship Sun being an annoying, failure of a swordsman who can manipulate people into anything and is therefore the leader with Hell failing. They have a rather strong relationship working or otherwise, where she technically leads them in less public settings or battle.

    Since they act so close on the field and off and probably gnashes her teeth with the orders , this puts in the illusion of her following him, leading to Hell Knight being the only member of the Cruel and Cold-hearted faction being under Sun. It also explains why Sun has to be so flowery in speech.

    Though if you notice, the Bard sounds like Grisia in public, but Red Cloak sounds like his sinister thoughts. The synopsis was hilarious! So the first generation of the twelve holy knight was a female? I figured something out. Female warrior has black haired and black eyes while the bard has yellow hair and blue eyes. Is it judgement knight and sunknight, first gen. When i went to see the characters page of Female Warrior, then the character info was in some language other than English. Can you please change it to English? Basically filler text so that things align correctly and look decent.

    Putting up an actual description right now would be kinda spoilery since only the prologue has been translated so far. The main novel is supposed to start after prologue 2, however, Yu Wo has not written it yet. Female Warrior is still an incomplete story. Your email address will not be published.

    Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Female Warrior. If you have time, why not leave a comment below reviewing this series? Oh, i so wanna read this! NeoWarrior Everyone! I looking forward to female warrior. So excited! Of course, this is all idle supposition.

    The original cloud knight was probably lazy and escaped work. Silverter does not look like alvino, so SUN was wrong? I was so happy when I found out that my birth name means female warrior :D. When will it be updated? I love Yu Wo.

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    Hippolytus was the doomed and angry son of Theseus whose insistence on chastity spelled his death at the hands of Aphrodite. Camilla lacks the anger and hostility of Hippolytus, regarding her chastity, yet a lingering hint of doom still prevails, particularly since Hippolytus' son in an engineered coincidence directly precedes Turnus in the catalogue of allies in book 7 line There the story of Hippolytus and Phaedra is only cursorily mentioned in little more than two lines 7.

    Penthesilea's death at the hands of Achilles, who falls in love with her at the inopportune moment of her dying, was not portrayed by Vergil, yet the scene was a popular and common one, and the story well known. Unlike her counterpart, however, Camilla's death will display no elegance, only tragic pathos.

    Camilla's rejection of appropriate roles of wife and mother marks her most clearly as different; not only does she choose chastity, but she chooses the chastity of a venatrix devoted to Diana. By this crucial measure alone, she is outside the boundaries of society. If Camilla's actions and her role are ambiguous, or at least not typically feminine, perhaps they are more like those of the male warriors of this story. Camilla is a woman of action-- she runs, she fights, she leads and commands, she devises strategy and she conquers.