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If these mitochondria become damaged due to long-term exposure to chemicals or heavy metals, they become incapable of producing sufficient energy for optimal function. This leads to a situation of diminished energy production on a cellular level and chronic fatigue as perceived by the patient. If there is insufficient energy available to feed the energy requirements of the cells, then the next consequence is a breakdown in the ability of each cell to detoxify itself from normally occurring waste products, not to mention the added burden of chemical and heavy metal exposure.

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When the cell is unable to detoxify itself adequately, then there is a build-up of waste products in that cell. Since muscle cells are the most metabolically active cell-types, any use of the muscles will dramatically increase the toxicity of these cells. Chronically toxic muscle cells result in low energy and the chronic pain that appears to move around the body on a day-to-day basis, as well as the tender trigger points that constitute a diagnosis of FM by medical doctors. Thus, the chemical and heavy metal exposure for the FM patient is played out primarily in the mitochondria of the muscle cells.

What is the difference between multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia?

This renders these cells unable to adequately produce energy, detoxify, repair or defend against free radicals or microbes. This is a scenario that inevitably produces both chronic pain and fatigue. Unfortunately, taking a drug, herb, or vitamin or two is not going to normalize or resolve this underlying problem. FM patients also routinely suffer from biological stress in the form of allergies, chronic candida, and viral, bacterial, or parasitic infections because their immune defenses are weakened. Their immune systems are compromised due to exposure to chemicals and heavy metals, as well as psychological, electro-magnetic, and nutritional stressor.

It used to be thought that FM was caused by a chronic viral infection of the muscles, producing muscle aches and pain much like that common to flu sufferers.

While this is certainly true in some cases of FM, it is not true for the majority of FM patients. More common among FM patients is a generalized yeast overgrowth in their digestive systems. This is initiated by the overuse of antibiotics, steroids which are sometimes prescribed to deal with the inflammation and pain common to FM , hormones, chronic psychological stress, and poor eating habits. Chronic yeast also appears to be maintained by mercury toxicity from dental amalgams and certain large fish like tuna and swordfish. As you can see, FM is often caused by a myriad of interacting and self-perpetuating causes which all must be addressed for a final resolution to the syndrome to occur.

This is why this condition is thought to be incurable. The many imbalances and problems must be systematically addressed before symptom relief can occur. Also, proper diagnosis of the underlying conditions must be made before any treatment program is attempted.

The Thyroid Question in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

Physical stress almost always plays a role in FM. The most common physical stressor are whiplash syndrome caused by motor vehicle accidents, and repetitive strain injuries caused by lifestyle or work. Under these conditions, when a person suffers physical trauma to the muscles, the normal self-repair systems do not operate effectively, due to the pre-existing cellular toxicity. This results in a chronic pain syndrome of the muscular system due to ineffective repair mechanisms. In a person not already suffering a chemical stress, muscles heal in a predictable fashion after an acute injury.

Unfortunately, for the FM patient, muscles do not heal properly and the situation for chronic pain is created. In order for muscles to heal, the underlying toxicity and mitochondrial dysfunction must be addressed.

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This is the least understood stressor, but with the advancement of computers, cell phones, wireless networks and microwave transmitters, it is becoming increasingly common. We do know that electromagnetic stress can impair the function of the immune system. I also believe that the subtle human energy system is affected by electromagnetic radiation.

The only solution would be to remove oneself from the greatest sources of electromagnetic concentration, which occur in large cities and wired homes and offices, and spend more time outdoors in nature. Psychological stress is an almost universal condition among FM patients.

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It can be further broken down into emotional, mental and spiritual stress. Mental stress is typical of the overachiever who takes on too many responsibilities while neglecting to take care of his or her own personal needs. Caregivers, such as nurses, health-care workers, doctors, and mothers, are particularly susceptible to this phenomena.

The Pituitary / Thyroid Issue

Emotionally, many FM sufferers are victims of long-term psychological stress or abuse. The typical FM patient is often a person with a chronic post-traumatic stress syndrome. Long-term stress of this type often affects the thyroid and adrenal glands. This leaves these glands depleted and under-functioning. In the case of the adrenals, chronic daily stress and over-stimulation causes over-functioning and eventual depletion. Spiritually, a person may suffer stress due to a lack of purpose in life and work, disconnection with God or spirit, or an overwhelming sense of futility and hopelessness towards life.

Years of psychological stress impacts on biochemistry, leading to an excess of toxic hormones and chemicals and deficiency of vital nutrients.

Fibromyalgia News -- ScienceDaily

These biochemical events, combined with the other three stressor, can contribute to permanent damage of the self-repair systems of the body. FM is a potentially curable illness. It certainly responds to appropriate treatment in nearly all cases. More Information Fibromyalgia and acupuncture. Share on: Facebook Twitter. References Fibromyalgia.

Accessed Oct. Clauw DJ, et al. Fibromyalgia and related conditions. Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

A New Thyroid Subset?

Goldenberg DL. Clinical manifestations and diagnosis of fibromyalgia in adults. Initial treatment of fibromyalgia in adults. Rochester, Minn.

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