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The Marrying Kind? The contributors analyze the rhetoric, strategies, and makeup of the LGBT organizations pushing for same-sex marriage, and address the dire predictions of some LGBT commentators that same-sex marriage will spell the end of queer identity and community. The campaign for marriage equality has provoked fierce debate not only in society, but within the gay and lesbian community as well. Hopefully it will make the activism and the arguments that surround this issue smarter and more effective.

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As the fight for same-sex marriage rages across the United States and lesbian and gay couples rush to marriage license counters, the goal of marriage is still fiercely questioned within the LGBT movement. While antigay forces work to restrict marriage to one man and one woman, lesbian and gay activists are passionately arguing about the desirability, viability, and social consequences of same-sex marriage. The essays in this volume analyze the rhetoric, strategies, and makeup of the LGBT social movement organizations pushing for same-sex marriage, and address the dire predictions of some LGBT commentators that same-sex marriage will spell the end of queer identity and community.

Case studies from California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Vermont, and Canada illuminate the complicated politics of same-sex marriage, making clear that the current disagreements among LGBT activists over whether marriage is conforming or transformative are far too simplistic. Instead, the impact of the marriage equality movement is complex and often contradictory, neither fully assimilationist nor fully oppositional. Olsen; Timothy A.

Mary Bernstein is professor of sociology at the University of Connecticut. Verta Taylor is professor of sociology and affiliated faculty member in feminist studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is coauthor, most recently, of Drag Queens at the Cabaret.

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This book gives a fascinating and moving picture of the complexities and contradictions of a movement that has involved millions of LGBT and straight people. Probably the biggest take-away that Bernstein and Taylor give us is that a future in which marriage equality has been fully realized might look different from what we expect, and that the consequences are certainly worth speculation.

Abbreviations Acknowledgments Introduction. Part I.

Marital Discord 1. Hull and Timothy A. Ortyl 3. Beyond Queer vs.

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Part II. Not The Marrying Kind is no exception to this rule.

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Not The Marrying Kind is a real treat for Jae fans. Not only does this story take place in the same small town as her book, Perfect Rhythm, but the lead characters from her book Damage Control make an appearance. The word is never used in a malicious way, but it still jumped out at me each time I came across it.

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