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In the last few years, John M. Barclay has attempted to chart a new path beyond the New Perspective and also the apocalyptic Paul by focusing on Paul's use of grace-language within and beyond the conventions of gift-giving of his time. Students would benefit from comparing these and consider how they are similar and how they are different in tone, themes, use of Scripture, and style. Compare and contrast how Paul appeals to Abraham. If time permits, include James Dunn, J. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, Hays, R. Volume Keck et al. Nashville, TN: Abingdon, Martyn, J.

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Clark, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Eastman, S. Longenecker, B. Sanders, E. All Rights Reserved. Subscriber Services Contact Us Help. Galatians Nijay K. Understand the background and context of Paul's letter to the Galatians 2. Understand the basic outline of the letter to the Galatians 3. For the sake of reference, the introduction to Galatians in the Oxford Bible Commentary succinctly reviews the relevant issues related to: The Galatians Crisis Recipients Date Questions for Student Notes: What were the problems that Galatians addresses?

Who were the Galatians? When was Galatians written? Lecture 2: The Text of Galatians This lesson can be devoted to reviewing the content of Galatians, chapter by chapter. Warm-up Activity: Tweeting Galatians: A helpful and fun way for students to learn to summarize biblical texts is to boil a section or chapter down to a 'tweet' technically characters, but you might just say 20 words. Introduction Paul's Story Main Arguments Ethical Exhortations Conclusion Key items to highlight in the lecture are as follows: Why does Paul assert his independent apostleship? Underscore that this is not differentiating 'Judaism' from 'Christianity' For a helpful thumbnail sketch of Jewish life, practices, and perspectives see Judaisms in the First Century CE , in The Oxford Companion to the Bible What is the relationship between the 'gospel' Paul was given to proclaim to the Gentiles, and the non-circumcision of Titus?

Alan Streett What does Paul mean by not 'justified by works of the law' and by 'justified by faith'? Chapman Questions for Lecture 2: The above questions serve well as questions for students to consider. Lecture 3: The Interpretation of Galatians Galatians has remained one of the most influential texts in the history of Christian thought, not least for people like Martin Luther and, more recently, James D. One could develop a concise study of the interpretation of Galatians as follows: Martin Luther: Luther treated Galatians as the most important book in the Bible because it expounded clearly and passionately a theology of justification by faith in Jesus Christ over and against reliance on works for justification.

What is the 'New Perspective on Paul'? What is 'covenantal nomism' according to E. How does James D. Dunn explain Paul's use of the language of 'works of the law'? Additional In-Class Exercises 1: Galatians and 1 Thessalonians: Amongst the undisputed Pauline letters, scholars tend to believe that the earliest two extant letters are Galatians and 1 Thessalonians. Further Reading Commentaries Das, A. Louis, MO: Concordia Publishing, Oakes, P.

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Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, Riches, J. It is a gripping reminder of the power of true forgiveness. Men Women Young Adults.

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First-century Christians probably experienced a similar thrill when personal communications came their way. The spread of the gospel, in large part, was tied to these letters. These church plants needed Christian instruction, and the letters proved helpful.

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One of those earliest letters was from Paul to the Galatians. This six-session Bible study will serve your group in a variety of ways. It highlights the freedom we have in Christ and the importance of guarding against false teaching with adherence to the truth of the gospel. It explores the life-changing effect of the gospel, which looses believers from the grip of legalism and inspires us to live in Christ. Your group will also learn that life in the Spirit far outpaces life in the flesh and enhances relationships with God and other people. True Gospel Galatians 2.

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True Life Galatians 4. True Heirs Galatians ; 5. True Fruit Galatians 6. Quantity: Minimum quantity allowed for this product is 1. Add to Cart Add to Cart. In Stock Usually ships in 1 to 2 business days. We have added these items to your cart. Summary Total Items in cart Cart items subtotal. Continue Browsing Proceed to Checkout. Height 0. Explore the Bible: 1 Corinthians Bible Study Book is a six-session study that will give you and your group members a better understanding of the early church and its history.

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Welcome to the church at Corinth. Disunity threatened to tear it apart. Destructive and harmful actions were taking place during worship. People were confused about spiritual gifts, with some members claiming their gifts proved their spiritual superiority.

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Like a father, he sternly corrected them. But first he reminded them of who they were in Christ and who Christ is. He called them back to the gospel. Therein lies the answer to the moral, relational, and theological problems that plagued the Corinthian church. The same answer is relevant for any church facing similar challenges today. For many of us, living in America today is like living in a strange land.

We feel like aliens who have awakened in a hostile environment toxic to our faith. It seems as if things are spinning out of control.

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But our world is not that different from the world of the very first Christians. They faced many of the same issues we are dealing with today. In some ways, they had it worse than we do because they were a much smaller, marginalized movement just getting started. Peter explained how displaced and disaffected Christians could handle the pressure and persecution present in the latter part of the first century. And we can embrace the opportunity to learn how to thrive in our modern world by learning from Peter and applying his spiritual wisdom to our lives.

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