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Click here to see more Tap here to see more Tap here to see more. Accessibility Links Skip to content. If you would like to take part in marking this occassion then please email me your memories and any photographs you may have. I consider myself both very young and very female Flesh and bone women, I mean. Not filles coquettes sans tete, as females seems to be pictured in your text Not all are true.

Everyone has their own way of thinking but I think they have to reconsider. I like to argue for the most accurate results. Post a Comment. I am assuming that I now have your undivided attention. Are you sitting comfortably? I've been thinking about times past at university. For reasons that are lost in the drifting sands of the last 40 years, at school I wanted to study Aeronautics, so ended up doing so in Imperial College, London.

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I found it a really strange place. It's situated right in the centre of Kensington — I mean, when you pop down to the nearest local shop for some bread and a bottle of milk, the shop you come to first, is Harrods. I remember once pootling around it one afternoon, believe it or not in the carpet department don't ask why an Aeronautical Engineering Student was there, I can't even begin to remember — perhaps I was really wondering if they could actually fly , and a disembodied very Sloane-y female voice rang out across the piles of not inexpensive carpets and rugs, to a little boy whom she clearly thought was lost — "Come along now, Cyclops!

Perhaps the single eye in the centre of his fore-head might have had something to do with it. All of which has nothing to do with what I was going to get round to.

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Ah yes — a strange place. There was a slight sexual imbalance in the students — 3, males and females allegedly. Actually, what I really meant to say there was, "There was a slight imbalance in the sexes of the students". Actually on reading it again, I think the first was more correct! Interesting that I know the female number allegedly to the nearest integer although you would not have wanted to meet the one you had to "round up"! Wheel out the psychiatrist.

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It was quite a sterile place — all earnest Engineers apart from myself and a couple of close friends , who lived in digs in Ruislip or suchlike, and were anally anal about Boyles Law, and Avagadro's Hypothesis, winning Nobel Prizes etc. As a completely irrelevant Trivia point, which might get your team into the Final at the Pub Quiz Night, Imperial College or at least its inmates has won more Nobel Prizes than the whole of France. Actually forget the Quiz night, just tell it to some stroppy Frenchman who stops to ask you directions.

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On the other hand, WE seemed to spend most of our waking hours in one of the many local pubs. Probably why my 2nd Class Honours were seen by those who were supposed to know about these things, as a bit of a failure to meet my potential. Ever keen on student ritual, on occasions such as Birthdays etc, we used to go on a pub crawl along Knightsbridge — there was a sequence of around 8 pubs I never got to finish counting them along it.

Goodness knows what the Upper Class clientele thought of the Rabble we must have looked like. One evening, at around Pub No.

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OK so far, except, I ended up on the raised loo seat, and promptly fell asleep. The Gaderene Swine who, up until that point, I had counted as friends moved on to the remaining pubs, and I was left soundly sleeping.

That's what friends are for - today, they'd have photographed it or videod it on their mobiles and sent copies to my parents, girlfriends, employers etc. Closing time came, and apparently, no one checked, and the place was locked up with me snoring splendidly on their ceramic throne.